More than an innovative space and facilities, we want to create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration in order to help like-minded individuals bring their ideas to life.



  • Versatile set-up

  • Flexibility in terms of hours, catering and logistics

  • Support in promoting your event


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invent together


If there is one thing that we love about our events, it is seeing amazing people connect when they are in the right place at the right time.

Hackathons are marvelous because they give us the chance to help people come up with amazing ideas or solutions over the course of a few days.

The organization of a hackathon event requires a lot of preparation, planning and management of logistics. We know it can be stressful and we are here to take this stress off your shoulders.





When it comes to organizing a networking event it’s always necessary to have the right people in the right place. We’ve got it covered for you! Thanks to our space disposition with our own catering service and kitchen in the room, you don’t need to take care of anything.



learn and meet


Here at Depot Lab we organize more than 20 meetups a month so I guess we can allow ourselves to say that we have experience when it comes to those events…

So far, all the people who have trusted us in helping them organize a meetup were delighted.

Can we tell you a secret? Most of them come back because they love the service & the energy that you can find within our walls.

Thanks to our versatile set-up we can change the room to adapt it to your needs. One set-up can host up to 55 people (seated) and the other one, up to 75 people.



Learning by doing


At Depot Lab we are big fans of Dale Carnegie, especially when he told us that “Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.”

Our job is to make that sentence a reality for every single event that we are organizing. We put energy and love in helping you set up the workshop you want. Thanks to our team, facilities & high-speed wi-fi, our space will be perfect for your needs.

We don’t only provide a space and a smile, our experienced team can help you with logistics, content, catering etc. You are going to feel so good and at ease within our walls that your productivity will be enhanced and so will your creativity!


 our services



Every meetup, networking event, conference and seminar needs a physical space to take place. We have three different event venues in the centre of Barcelona, one of which is a terrace. With flexible set-ups, our facilities can host every kind and size of event, from meetings with 15 people to conferences of up to 80 people. Projector, chairs, tables, kitchen — we have them all at your disposal.



Worried about your events’ exposure? Helping you organize your events also means helping you reach a wider audience. With a strong communication strategy, we’ll boost your event exposure through different techniques, platforms and social-media channels. Event marketing and promotion made easy!



A key component to any event — good food and cold beers. If you agree with us, don’t you worry: we’ve got your back! Spanish pica-pica, some pizzas, delicious finger foods, canapés or whatever suits your events, we take care of the catering so you can focus on the rest!



We are more than happy to help you organize your events, as well as provide support in all phases of its creation and delivery. We will gladly share our knowledge with you and help you bring your event to life!


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